Code of Ethics

Ethical management is important to KOROTT, and for this reason we have followed ETICAL WORKING PRACTISES for a number of years. This Code of Ethics is the basis for our fulfilment of all norms and regulation in our business dealings, both internally and externally.

Consequently, as part of our commitment to follow the current Spanish Penal Code, we have implanted the model of Compliance Officer. This is a model for the prevention of any and all legal infractions in the company. The objective of this model is to ensure and evaluate the correct fulfilment of the Penal Code.

This code is therefore also applicable all members, employees, clients suppliers or third party collaborators (henceforth, "claimant").

Irregular, illegal or criminal behaviour is understood to be any type of legal infraction or any violation of the Ethical Code or any other internal procedures whose function is to avoid and detect any prejudicial behaviour which may endanger the quality standards or ethics of KOROTT.

This official channel for reporting any of the above-mentioned behaviour is private, secure and confidential, and was set up to prevent and detect irregular, illegal or criminal behaviour, thus improving the quality of all company processes and maintaining our ethical standards.

Incidence Report Channel

KOROTT offers the opportunity to give information on suspected irregularities using the form below. This form is part of the Incidence Report Channel.

The Incidence Report Channel Management Section is in charge of technical administration of the Incidence Report Channel. KOROTT will exclusively carry out an analysis of any report submitted.

KOROTT assures complete confidentiality of any information provided.

Details of incidence

In giving this information, you grant permission to collect, process and use the data entered by you in this system in accordance with the provisions of the data protection regulations.


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