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POWERGYM was founded in 1991 due to a huge lack of supplements and premium quality sports nutrition in Spain. Attention to every detail can make that vital difference, and nutrition is a key element in the preparation of the athlete. Korott is company which manufacturers its food supplements and sports nutrition's products. Korott has a wide range of certifications obtained by the facilities where we develop and produce our entire range of supplements and sport nutrition.

Viveplus Group

The impeccable business reputation of VivePlus Group is based in the principles of good practices in all our investigation, fabrication and development processes, which have been awarded several prizes by the customers themselves. We strictly comply with the dietary supplements and products legislation and we are committed to fulfilling our corporate social responsibility.

DRKU - Probiotics & Nutricosmetics

Korott who manufactured a whole line of probiotics to cover any need, always thinking about the welfare of the whole family under DRKU brand.

This project was developed by Korott who manufactured its line of nutricosmetics to contribute to the protection and/or to the maintenance of normal hair, nails and skin under DRKU brand.



As a Mercadona supplier, research and continuous innovation are the pillars to guarantee the maximum quality of our products at the best price. Under its Deliplus brand we have developed and manufactured the following product categories, as like repellents, cosmetics, nutricosmetics,...


VALERIANA KOROTT belongs to a group of medications used as sedatives for the nervous system. It is a traditional herbal medicine for the relief of mental stress and to help you sleep based exclusively on its traditional use.


At KOROTT we do not forget the unconditional love of our pets, because they are also part of our family, which is why at KOROTT there is a group of professionals working on the development of a whole range of supplements for the care of our four-legged friends.

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