Quality policy

The management at KOROTT a company specialising in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products such as oral solid dosage forms, food supplements, cosmetics, cotton derivatives, biocidals and manufacturing and import of healthcare products, has decided to promote and disseminate a Quality Policy at all company levels in order to guide us in achieving the following goals:


  • To guarantee ongoing improvements on the services provided, by not only meeting the specifications demanded by our customers, in addition to any statutory and/ or legal requirements applicable to each product, but also those dictated by the implemented management systems.
  • To ensure that our customers perceive and appreciate our ongoing improvements by maintaining a regular, personal communication with them.
  • To achieve high levels of food safety in all our products.
  • To offer products that meet our customer's highest expectations.
  • To guarantee quality and good service to our customers, while maintaining the balance between development and the environment.
  • To ensure the confidentiality, availability and integrity of all information processed by the company.
  • Ensure and take the necessary measures to guarantee the suitability for animal consumption of a feed.

KOROTT. It has the following Standards, Certificates, Licenses and Authorizations:

  • International Food Standard IFS.
  • IFS Household and Personal Care Standard (IFS HPC).
  • GMP Food - Good Manufacturing Practices.
  • Compliance with Good Manufacturing Practice of medicines with the authorization number 4.200-E.
  • Previous Sanitary License of operation of Installation of Sanitary Products for manufacturing and importing with license number 5381-PS.
  • Environmental Management System (UNE EN ISO 14001 standard).
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).
  • Certificate of compliance to the Good Manufacturing Practices for Cosmetic products.
  • Authorization of installation activities of: Pesticides for use in Personal Hygiene with authorization number 6579PL.
  • Manufacture of compound feed with additives and premixes, except those containing coccidiostatics and histomonostats with identification number ESP 03009003-F.

Korott has the certification of ISO14001 whose purpose is to have a frame of reference to protect the environment in the organization.

Korott is certified by the IFS HPC standard in its Cosmetics Products manufacturing plant. The IFS HPC standard is a quality and safety certification system developed and endorsed by German, French and Italian dealer associations for companies manufacturing or packaging personal care products, household products and intended for food packaging in home.

Korott is certified by the GMP standard, a standard based on the principles of food hygiene and HACCP.

Korott is certified by the IFS Food standard , which focuses on food safety and quality of processed products.

Obtaining this certificate is the result of all the work done to provide quality products to its consumers through a production system and rigorous food safety.

Therefore, the company's management accepts the challenge to:

  • COMPLY with this Quality Policy and PROMOTE the development and implementation of its established Management Systems pursuant to the above mentioned regulations, while continuously striving to improve its efficiency by establishing ambitious targets to lead our company in the right direction.
  • Allocate the required human and technical resources in order to ensure compliance with this Quality Policy.
  • Produce high quality products manufactured from raw materials that meet the defined features and parameters, as well as the specifications dictated by the different regulations.
  • Maintain regular communication with all stakeholders in order to find out about their needs and to be able to adapt to these.
  • Ensure that all our staff comply with the provisions included in all manuals and procedures, and to always behave in a preventive manner.
  • Carry out strict and comprehensive controls on all raw materials and finished products in order to:
    • Offer the consumer quality products, ensuring their health and food safety.
    • Offer medicines, cosmetics, biocides and health products that comply with the premises of quality, safety and efficiency established in current legislation.
  • Meet all Halal requirements at all stages of the production process.
  • Meet the requirements of Halal Food Safety and quality (Halal Tayyib).
  • Communicate the relevant information related to Halal and Tayyib to the personnel involved.
  • Increase all our staff training levels in order to achieve higher personal satisfaction levels while improving our work environment as well as the services that we supply in addition to our food safety levels.
  • Maintain an environmental policy as a framework to establish our environmental goals and commitments in order to improve our environmental performance.
  • Review this policy in order to adapt it to new requirements and make it available to any interested party, company or organisation that may request it.
  • Develop more sustainable products and services based upon high quality and the prevention of contamination, in order to minimise any interference with climate change, while protecting environmental biodiversity, managing all vital resources (water and energy) as strictly and effectively as possible, allocating as many required means as possible and developing our activities in a bid to reduce our production of waste, discharges and emissions.
  • Maintain a strict control on our most significant environmental aspects in order to minimise any type of impact.
  • Promote the adoption of Occupational Health and Safety policies in the workplace, and adopt all preventive measures established by the current legislation, while providing a healthy work environmental as well as ensuring the safety of all staff, suppliers and external collaborators that work with us.
  • Guarantee the availability of data and information belonging to our customers, as well as our own.
  • Increase the security of all information processed by our company in general terms.
  • Ensure the confidentiality of all information requiring special protection in view of its nature or importance.
  • Raise awareness of the importance of information security throughout our organisation.
  • Ensure business continuity in the event of any information security related incident.
  • Comply with all relevant legislation on information security and confidentiality: Personal Data Protection Act (LOPD as per its Spanish acronym), Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce Act (LSSI as per its Spanish acronym), etc.
  • Guarantee food safety in the event of any intentional contamination or alteration actions.
  • To have and maintain a self-control system based on HACCP Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point.
  • To keep buildings, machines and equipments in good working conditions, health and safety.
  • To build and mantain a food safety culture that includes all company employees.

KOROTT's management hereby assumes the commitment of maintaining and disseminating its contents throughout its entire organisation and all its stakeholders.

Data: 19/05/2021.

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